Private "Bake & Sip" Parties

Craft artisanal bread with us at our baking studio in Brielle, NJ

Come to our private baking studio in Brielle, NJ, or let us come to you for an artistic baking experience! Create your own edible masterpiece under the tutelage of kneaded by Lady J while you sample our delicious homemade hors d'oeuvres and mouthwatering "mocktails." You and your group can experience baking something beautiful in our studio, or we can bring the baking party to you wherever you please.

Catch up with your friends while your edible art bakes, and take it home to show off your new skills. Just try not to eat it all at once!

Reach out today to schedule an appointment.

Starting at $100 per person for a 2-3 hour party.

Try a baking party with your friends

Try a baking party with your friends

If you've never been to a baking party before, you really "knead" to experience one! At the kneaded by Lady J baking studio, you can:

  • Catch up with friends
  • Improve your baking skills
  • Bring home something tasty
With COVID-19 restrictions, we are able to offer this on a limited basis in small private groups. Contact us to learn more!